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‘I am so glad that I picked Trevor as my driving instructor. He got recommended to me through many different friends and colleagues for his knowledge and professional, friendly approach. I have always had very low confidence when it comes to driving and questioned my ability that I could ever learn. It took me a long time to get the courage to start lessons but now it is one of the best personal achievements I’ve had. Trevor has been extremely patient with me from the start, you can certainly tell he is a natural mentor and he loves what he does. But one of the best things about my lessons was that he always pushed me that extra bit even when I doubted myself – the main reason why I managed to get my license in no time!’

Many thanks for all your help once again!

Kindest regards,

Petya Todorova

I managed to pass first time thanks to Trevor! Right from the off he made me feel comfortable, he’s such a calming influence and gave me so much confidence, but on top of all that he’s such a nice guy and so easy to get on with which helps make it all an enjoyable experience. I will always recommend anyone to him from now on!

Thanks again Trev,

Jack Bird

All thanks to Trevor, I passed my driving test first time with only 2 minors. He was such a calm, informative and patient instructor to have had throughout my driving experience. All of my lessons and my test, were arranged quickly and around my commitments which was very helpful. He ensured that I felt comfortable with everything that would be required for my driving test and made sure that I progressed at a pace that was right for me. It was a fun & enjoyable experience with Trevor, and I would definitely recommend to anyone.


I passed first time with Trevor! I had an absolutely fantastic experience learning to drive in a one-week intensive course with Trevor. He was always super professional informative clear with instructions polite and charismatic. I passed my theory test first time and today I passed my practical test first time. I am over the moon! I strongly recommend everyone learns to drive with Trevor.

Warmest regards

Joel Ryan McDermott

Learning to drive with Trevor has been an absolute pleasure. Right from the first lesson he’s been so supportive and patient. I always felt at easy with his calm and collective manner when driving. It was a surprise to me how fast I was ready for my test and thrilled that I passed first time with only one minor. He’s easy to talk to and get on with even if you don’t have that much in common. In addition he quickly responds to messages which I found to be really helpful especially when I changed my test date. I’m so grateful of him and he believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. I would recommend him to anyone, they won’t regret it.


I passed my test today with Trevor and i couldn't of asked for a better driving instructor he taught me so much in the last few months and made me feel so comfortable and gave me the confidence to pass my test, I would recommend Trev to anyone he is amazing

So I never had an interest in driving until I turned 35 I found the idea scary! But I decided to push myself and go for it.  Was recommended by a close friend that I go with trev's rev's! And from start to finish he was with me helping me every step of the way very helpful kind and patient! The two hour sessions are a must an hour is just not long enough! The app for you theory that he gives you tells you everything you need to pass your theory so don't waste your money on the books! I'd give him 10/10 for putting up with me and giving me the confidence to go for it! Can't thank him enough for this new life skill that will open so many doors for me!

A massive thank you for being a fantastic driving instructor, every lesson I felt full of confidence and like I was learning. I would 100% recommend Trevor as I had bad experience with previous instructors. Trevor is always calm, reassuring and patient.

Trevor Gaines is a very good teacher, he has taught for a long time and not just in driving. Because of the experience he has in teaching he makes a great instructor for driving and as long as you put the time and effort in you can learn very quickly. As well as this Trevor Gaines covers every part of driving you possibly can in great detail so you can be well experienced in every manoeuvre, starting position, junction etc. Overall he is a very good teacher and I would recommend him to anyone looking to learn how to drive proficiently. 

When i started my driving lessons with Trevor i hadnt driven a car before and the thought of it was daunting. Trevor reassured me and made me feel at ease. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and i would highly recommend to anyone learning to drive. 

Couldn't thank Trevor Gaines Adi more for helping me pass my test! He is one of the kindest people I've met. Very patient and very good at giving advice.  

I started learning to drive in March, and passed ( with no faults ) in early June after 11 lessons with Trevor. He's really calm and patient. Only down side is he's a rugby league fan. Thank you very much for the freedom you have given me. 

I drove alongside Trevor for five weeks and found him to be a very pleasant and relaxed teacher. His approach to everything made me feel safe and comfortable whilst driving and gave me the ability to gain in confidence and therefore able to pass my test. I'd like to thank him for helping me thoroughly, as I don't believe I would have passed without the reassurance and reliable teaching from him.

I contacted Trevor to start driving lessons again, having been 7 years since I last had any. He immediately made me feel at ease and comfortable, as I wasn't the most confident of drivers initially.  He explains things simply and I found his instructions very easy to follow and remember. After a short period of driving lessons I felt ready to take my test, and passed first time. I don't feel this would have been possible had I stuck with my original instructor and cannot recommend him enough.

Trev is an exhalent instructor, would highly recommend, if anyone is gonna pass you he's the man for the job I never thought I'd do it but he gave me all the confidence I needed I love being in the road and that's mainly down to Trevor for having faith and patience in me!

Hi Trevor, thank you so much for getting me through my test. I don't think I would have had the confidence without you. Very patient and had a lot of confidence in my ability which I didn't have. I would recommend u to anyone else wanting to learn Your a.top bloke, thanks again.
Sharon Chadwick

Hi Trev!
Still cant believe it!!, cannot even begin to thank you enough, when I was 13 a doctor told me I wouldn't do the "normal" things other teenagers did including driving, well although it took me till being 35 I think I proved him wrong. That being said it would never have happened if not for you! Your patience, your confidence in me...when I didn't have any in myself week after week, there is no doubting without your encouragement I wouldn't be sitting here today with a pass certificate! Your one in a million Trev, and I know my son is in safe hands in June. Thank you for everything!!
Jen xx

So....this just happened! Passed first time thanks to Trevor Gaines Adi ...fantastic instructor, thank you for all your help and putting up with all my bad language!! BAHAHAHA I CAN LEGALLY DRIVE A CAR NOW...ALONE


- I passed first time!!! It just goes to show that your disabilities don't have to stop you from achieving what you want to So here's to all the doctors who told me I'd never drive Thank you so so much Trevor, thank you for believing in me and making me achieve this Anyone who wants to start driving i totally recommend Trevor!! Best driving instructor Trevor Gaines Adi


I want to say a massive thank you to Trevor Gaines Adi for being such a brilliant driving instructor. I would never of thought that I would have passed as quickly as I have. You have helped me to build my confidence and abilities which enabled me to pass first time! Thank you ever so much, I would definitely recommend to all!🚘


Hi Trevor Thanks for teaching me to drive! I never thought I would get there but somehow I did with your help. You were endlessly patient (especially with my daft questions) and made me feel at ease. I would recommend you to anyone that was wanting to learn to drive especially if they were nervous and got panicky like I did!


I have to say Trevor is the best instructor I have had compared to others he really explains everything in great detail, i found his teaching methods much easier to understand and do than any of my old instructors , I felt relaxed and felt like I learnt something new each time I was took on a lesson , I would and will highly recommend Trevs Revs. Looking forward to doing the pass plus :)


I would highly recommend Trevor as a driving instructor, he is a very encouraging, calm, friendly teacher who is dedicated to making sure his students become safe and confident drivers for the future and not just 'getting you through' your driving test. He made me feel right at ease within minutes of my first lesson and his style of teaching is second to none. Thank you so much Trevor!!

Kathrine Smith

Just want to say thank you again for teaching me, your brilliant! And i will 100% recommend to anyone in the future. You taught me very well, and thank you for being so patient with me and giving me the confidence to drive.

Chantelle Test March 2015

Hi Trev. I thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with you. I don't think there could be a more relaxed and patient instructor out there. I always felt relaxed whilst in the car and you even managed to relax me on my way to the test center. Getting me passed in just 9 and half lessons. Thank you very much. Will be highly recommending you to anyone and everyone.

John Test April 2015

I drove alongside Trevor for five weeks and found him to be a very pleasant and relaxed teacher. His approach to everything made me feel safe and comfortable whilst driving and gave me the ability to gain in confidence and therefore able to pass my test. I'd like to thank him for helping me thoroughly, as I don't believe I would have passed without the reassurance and reliable teaching from him.

Rebecca Test 27/02/15

Very good instructor, absolute pleasure to be taught by and would recommend him to anyone that wants to learn to drive. Got me through everything and gave me more and more confidence as I went along.

Matty Test 24/02/15

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Trevor Gaines ADI The calmest instructor.. And easiest I've worked with. Anyone starting your lessons, this guy will get you through 101 % !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think you've been a fabulous driving instructor, was extremely pleased with the progress made throughout learning to drive as you was extremely positive, thorough, patient, quite relaxed (even when I was panicking which helped me calm down and concentrate more) and lastly honest about where I was going wrong which is always good . Thank you so much for helping me pass, still can't believe it only took four months super pleased, thank you!



I thoroughly enjoyed my time driving with you Trevor. The prices are good value for money; I learnt something in every lesson. You helped me with my theory as well, provided good websites to revise from. Very flexible with times and days for lessons, would recommend you to anyone. Mostly got me passed my driving test, thank you! :)

Megan. Test 06/06/14


I thought Trevor was a really good instructor as I passed within 2 months. He has a lot of patience with his learners, which helps when you make mistakes as he helps to keep you calm. Overall, Trevor is a great instructor and I highly recommend him as someone to call for a driving lesson.

Hans. Test 08/07/14


Trevor is an amazing instructor and I would definitely give him a 5* rating. Passed first time with 4 minors! Such a calming atmosphere as well, don’t think I would have passed without him Thanks Trevor

Leanne x Hans. Test 08/07/14


Enjoyed my time doing the crash courses, Trevor made me feel very relaxed and confident behind the wheel. Would highly recommend him to any young learner. Taught me everything I needed to know and more.

George. Test 10/07/14

Bryony Lawton

I would just like to say a massive thank you to Trevor Gaines for all the help he has given me to achieve in passing my practical driving test and also my theory test. He's a fantastic instructor with a lot of patience and kept reassuring me which made me more confident on learning to drive. A lovely man, i most definitely will keep on recommending him. Thanks again for everything :-)

Bryony Lawton. Test 16/05/14


"Like a lot of people, I had always been extremely nervous about learning to drive and was beginning to think it was something I would probably never do. But, after hitting my mid thirties, I thought I would give it one last go, and after just five weeks with Trevor I have managed to pass my test with one minor fault. I really cannot praise him enough. He is a very amiable and positive instructor, who provided patient and straightforward guidance. For anyone looking for an instructor, I would thoroughly recommend giving him a call."

Helen Test 25/04/14

Trevor is a brilliant driving instructor! Trevor is an easy person to get on with and is up for a laugh! He is very patient and does put a lot of effort into ensuring you pass your driving tests! I wouldn't have chosen anyone else to have my lessons with, and I am glad I chose Trevor! I would recommend Trevor to any one of my friends!
Dee Wiltshire Test 21/01/2014

Finding a driving instructor is NOT a walk in the park. It's a long and important process. Driving with Trevor is not like being with a driving instructor its more like been with a family member. I have been relaxed, calm and confident! 3 key elements that will do you well in driving. I once even showed up almost half an hour late, and it was a "it's ok don't worry about it Josh, I understand".
I hope to be recommending Trevor for years to come, and I thank Trevor getting me my pass I so desperately needed!
Thanks for everything Trev!!! ;)

What can I say about Trevor Gaines, well I can honestly say that he has got to be the best instructor around, even from my first lesson I felt at ease and he has a way of teaching that is so easy to understand. He has lots of patience too which helps loads for your confidence. He will not put you in for your test until he feels you are ready but I can guarantee with him teaching you, you will be ready sooner for your practical rather than later. I can highly recommend Trevor he certainly will not disappoint, I couldn’t have passed my test without him.

I passed my test on first time and I drive with Trevor just 11 hours. I'm so happy I didn't know that will be so quick. This mean Trevor is a good instructor. I will recommend him to anyone. He is patient and nice. Thank you very much.
Test 10/09/13.

Zdalam egzamin na prawo jazdy za pierwszym razem jezdzilam z Trevorem tylko 11 godzin. Jestem bardzo zadowolona i nie wiedzialam ze bedzie to tak szybko. To oznacza ze Trevor jest dobrym instruktorem. Bede polecac go kazdemu. Jest cierpliwy i mily. Bardzo dziekuje.
Test 10/09/13.

Excellent teacher was shocked when I was actually driving on my first lesson, he never wasted any time or dragged anything out, and once he knew I could do something he would move on and teach me how to do something else, he picked up on my faults straight away and helped correct them for me. Gave me loads of confidence on the roads and I can't wait to do my pass plus! Can't thank Trevor enough
Jake Hardcastle
Test 18/6/13.

Hi it's Ross!
Just like to say Thank you for helping me pass my test! My other driving instructor didn't give me a lot of confidence whilst in the car! And he Didn't want to help me pass my theory test! You have given me a boost off confidence whilst in the car and helped me pass my theory! 4th time lucky!!
Cheers Trev!

Ross Mainpize
Test 20/03/13.


I started my driving lessons with Trevor in Bridlington in January and successfully passed today. Trevor is a fantastic instructor. He had so much patience and made me feel very confident. I defiantly recommend him. Thank you so much for everything. Formal and Informal. I also hope I have made a friend out of this too.
Sherryl Hodgson
Test 19/03.13.

Richard G

It had been 10 years since I had last had lessons and was feeling incredibly rusty but Trev decided to see just how much I had remembered. Through his guidance I felt long forgotten things start to return to me and Trev helped to put the polish on them. He is not one to let you have more lessons than you need, when he feels that you are ready for your test he will tell you so. I have booked to do my Pass Plus also as I think he'd be the best person to teach me the advanced driving techniques. Many thanks for putting up with me and getting me passed!
Test 21/02/13


I would highly recommend Trevor! Excellent instructor. After having lessons with a previous instructor I always felt nervous about going driving until I started learning with Trevor, he is always very calm, never raises his voice if you do something wrong he lets you learn by your mistakes and also has faith in all his students!
Lisa Smyrk :-)
Test 12/03/13


I got into contact with Trevor via a recommendation from a friend who learnt to drive with him, I honestly couldn't have asked for a better instructor! On my very first lesson, I was talked through all the safety procedures clearly and was also able to get on with some actual driving, which I didn't expect on my first lesson! I was instantly put at ease and felt very comfortable. Trevor allowed me to learn by doing rather than learn by listening - obviously I was fully briefed on every manoeuvre and all of that sort of stuff and all my questions were answered in full and effectively - if he could see something that I was doing slightly wrong, he would let me fix it as long is it was safe to intervene as little as possible, I think that is the best way to learn and it has definitely worked well with me. Trevor is always on time and fully prepared for the lesson; he is also very accommodating as to where he picks up and drops off from which is very helpful in a busy lifestyle of a single dad. Trevor is the best instructor that I have come across and I was 100% recommend him to anyone. I am so grateful to Trevor, he kept the cost of learning to drive as low as possible and had such effective teaching methods that I passed with under the national average number of hours. I can drive now thanks to Trevor and I couldn't be happier! Once again thanks you one top guy!

Chris M

I found Trevor to be a good teacher who didn’t make a fuss when I did something wrong, only helped me to fix it. If felt that he was a nice bloke and that we got on really well, and I would happily recommend him to any friends or family that where planning on taking lessons.
Chris M

Charlotte Russell

I passed my driving test on a snowy afternoon on 05/02/13. I would like to say a big thank you for helping and supporting me to pass the practical driving test. Trevor was very patient with me in learning to drive; I have gained valuable knowledge which I have applied in driving my own car on my own. I will be commencing the pass plus course in the forthcoming month with Trevor I would recommend Trevor to any students, who are looking into learning to drive.
Charlotte Russell
Test 05/02/13

Charlie Mainprize

Trevor is the best driving instructor in the area he makes learning to drive fun, easy and quick I would recommend Trevor to anyone who is starting to learn to drive so if you want to learn to drive then Trevor is the instructor to go with.
Charlie Mainprize
Test 08/02/13

Sam Longworth

Trevor was a great instructor who gave me confidence in myself and was always patient and calm. He gave top tips and his chilled out teaching style was very helpful. I passed my test with only 2 minors and I'm sure I couldn't have achieved that without Trevor, who I look forward to completing my pass plus with. Thanks for everything!
Sam Longworth
Test 20/12/12

Jessica Chadwick

Trevor was recommended to me by a friend and to be honest they couldn’t have recommended a better driving instructor. Although I have passed my test I don’t think I would have done it without the instruction of Trevor, as he was patient and calm and always made me feel at ease. I am now looking forward to taking on Pass plus in the New Year :). I'd just like to say thank you Trevor for all your help.
Jessica Chadwick
Test 12/12/12

Alex Patrick

Hi Trevor,

I would like to take this opportunity the thank Trevor again for helping me pass my driving test.
He was excellent from the first lesson to the last, not once did I think I was being held back and even at times I thought he was pushing me to get to the finish line! Trevor managed to get me to my practical driving test in 20 hours (10 lessons), I found every one of these lessons an enjoyable experience and very informative. Not once did I feel uncomfortable and by my practical test, even though on the day I was very nervous, once I got in the car with the examiner everything fell into place and I passed with only 2 minors. Lessons with Trevor were very relaxed, and he instils confidence in you and your driving from the first minute you get in the car. I have and will continue suggest to anyone wanting to learn to drive to take a lesson with Trevor.
Thanks again!
Alex Patrick
Practical test passed 30/11/2012

Agnes Kluoniute Test 13/11/12 

Hi Trevor,
Thank you so much for your patience and support! I wouldn't have passed my test without you.
To be honest I don't think I would've taken any driving lessons at all as I was so scared of driving!
You're relaxed and friendly way of teaching made me feel relaxed and confident from day one.
I would highly recommend you to anyone who wants to learn to drive!
Thank you!
Kind Regards
Agnes Kluoniute Test 13/11/12

Mandy Winwood Test 09/11/12. 

Trevor has been a brilliant driving instructor, he has been very patient.
There have been times when I wanted to give up, but with Trevor's support I passed my test.
He is the best.
Trevor is a very supportive friendly instructor and I would highly recommend him.
Mandy Winwood Test 09/11/12. 

Iona Renfrew Test 30/10/12

I started driving lessons with Trevor after my sister recommended him.
I passed first time and within 10 lessons, I couldn't believe it!!!
I have to say I don't think I would have done it without Trevor.
From day one he made me feel so comfortable behind the wheel and my confidence grew every week because of his encouraging, calming and friendly approach.
By the time it got to my test I was more excited than nervous.
I would definitely recommend Trevor to anyone and certainly will be.
It was a pleasure, Trevor.
Thank you so, so much, I really appreciate everything you've done to help me!
Iona Renfrew Test 30/10/12

Ali Mwinga  Test 6/11/2012

Hi Trevor this is Ali, I just want to thank you for everything.
I enjoyed every single minute that I had lessons with you, I never want it to end but I don't have a choice now that I have passed my test.
I wish everyone who wants to learn driving to learn with Trevor because he is the man, who can fast pass you.
Thanks Trevor and God bless you
Ali Mwinga Test 6/11/2012

Jessica Coulman Test 1/11/2012

Thank you so much Trevor once again you have success!
First my twin Brother and now just a month after I have passed my driving test I am so happy.
I couldn't have done it without your encouragement and expert tuition.
You always made me feel at ease and my driving lessons with you were always an enjoyable experience.
Thank you once again from not only myself but my Mum & Dad too.
Jessica Coulman Test 1/11/2012 

K. Durrant Test 17/10/12

First I would like to say thank you for your fantastic support during my lessons and tests.
A fantastic instructor who doesn't try to get you to have more lessons then you need and continually puts you at ease.
I would highly recommend anyone to have lessons with you.
Thank you again
K. Durrant Test 17/10/12  

Bradley Coulman   Test 5th October 2012

Thank you Trevor for being such a professional driving instructor, you made learning to drive an enjoyable time.
I passed first time but couldn't have done it without you. I would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a good driving instructor.
Thanks again Trevor such a nice man and best of all an Airlie Bird
Bradley Coulman Test 5th October 2012  

Scott Anderson Test 24/09/2012

Having never really had any previous driving experience, I originally felt a little apprehensive about getting behind the wheel for the first time.
However I came back from my first lesson with Trevor feeling a lot more confident and motivated. Trevor is very friendly, calm and very clear, making learning to drive feel easy.
In the end I passed in 22 hours of lessons and couldn't have asked for a better instructor!
Scott Anderson Test 24/09/2012  

Cerrie x  Test  20/09/12

Hiya Trevor I just wanted to say thank you so much.
Thanks to your calming approach and confident teaching I have actually passed my test.
I still can't believe it. Mine and my little ones life will be so different now, no longer restricted by bus times ect.
I will never forget you and I will be recommending you to everyone I know and then some. 
Once again Thank you so much 
Cerrie x Test 20/09/12  

Paige Coulthard   Test  19/09/12

After moving to Pickering for the summer I was in need of a new driving instructor.
I am originally from Newcastle and had previously been taking lessons at home but found that I wasn't progressing very quickly.
I looked at a few driving instructors around the Pickering area and eventually chose to contact Trevor.
I was nervous getting back into the driving seat but after a few minutes of my first lesson I was put at ease by Trevor's calm and friendly nature.
My confidence grew quickly with Trevor's encouragement and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to take driving lessons in the area.
Thank you for everything Trevor, a brilliant instructor!
Paige Coulthard Test 19/09/12  

Natalie Ellis. Test 14/08/2012

Before starting my driving lessons I was very nervous, I had never driven before and was worried I wouldn't be very good.
Right from day one Trevor made me feel very comfortable and if I made any mistakes told me not to panic and talked me through what to do, we spent 99% of the time driving and very little book work so your learning as much as u can in your lesson.
Trevor was very easy to get on with and always worked around your time schedule so you don't have to worry about trying to fit in the time.
I would definitely recommend him and thank him for getting me through my test so quickly.
Natalie Ellis Test 14/08/2012  

Phillip Mcgovern Test 02/07/2012

I really enjoyed my driving lessons with Trevor he was very professional and made me feel relaxed and confident.
I was very nervous about driving but after a few lessons I started to enjoy it and any mistakes I made Trevor explained where I was going wrong and gave me brilliant advice.
Many thanks Trevor I would highly recommend his lessons to any one wanting to learn.
Phillip Mcgovern Test 02/07/2012  

Jonathan Hutchinson Test 11/07/2012

Trevor provided me with an invaluable life skill that I will use day in-day out for the remainder of my adult life.
This could not have been achieved if not for his calm and clear manner in delivering instructions and guidance in each and every lesson.
 Furthermore he has a talent for building confidence in his students from day one up to and well beyond test day, which allowed me to become a confident and independent driver fortifying my own belief in my skills and abilities.
I truly believe that for all the effort Trevor puts in, you get more out than you could off imagined.
I would recommend his first class service to everyone and anyone interested in developing a priceless and necessary skill.
You are taught in a vehicle which is safe and up to the task, led by a teacher who is knowledgeable far beyond his years, you will definitely be in the safest of hands during your tuition.
Thanks again
Jonathan Hutchinson Test 11/07/2012  

Arianne Rodgers Test 01/06/12

After having a bad experience with a previous driving instructor, I was very worried about learning to drive again.
After my first lesson with Trevor, I knew I had found the perfect instructor.
He is such a kind and patient person, who praises you whenever he can.
Enjoyed every lesson with him and learnt to drive perfectly in six two hour lessons.
I passed my test with only two minors and it was so lovely to see just how chuffed Trevor was for me.
I have already recommended him to a few people and look forward to doing my pass plus with him.
Thank you Trevor :)
Arianne Rodgers Test 01/06/12 

Dianne Norman Test 18/05/2012

As someone who was nervous about learning to drive I couldn't have chosen a better instructor.
Trevor was patient and made me feel more confident each lesson, not allowing any negativity only positivity.
No one was more shocked than me when I managed to pass my driving test first time after 16 lessons.
I feel this was only achieved because of the way Trevor built my confidence over the weeks while teaching me my driving skills.
 I have already booked to do the pass plus course with him would recommend Trevor as a driving instructor to everyone.
Thanks for all your patience.
Dianne Norman Test 18/05/2012 

Natalie Gardener Test 08/05/12

Trevor is a wonderful instructor; he is kind and puts you at ease.
I passed within 4 months, having a double lesson a week.
I am normally very nervous when I am a passenger in a car, but as a driver I am quite confident.
I think this is to do with how Trevor teaches, because he instilled confidence in me.
I have recommended Trevor to some friends to take lessons when they are ready and would also recommend him to anyone else.
I will miss my time with Trevor and am so grateful for everything.
Thanks a lot Trevor. :)
Natalie Gardener Test 08/05/12 

Georgina Renfrew Test 02/05/12

I began my lessons with Trevor after being unsuccessful with another instructor.
Right from the first lesson he made me feel very relaxed and welcome.
He is very encouraging and always gives very calm and clear instructions so I felt confident behind the wheel.
My time learning with Trevor was so positive I would definitely recommend him to anyone taking up driving.
Within 3 months I passed my test with the best possible outcome... No minors.
Thanks Trev!
Georgina Renfrew Test 02/05/12 

Lindey Hartly Test 18/04/2012

Trevor, I would like to thank you for making my learning with you so easy, you have the patience of a saint.
Its being a long time until I have been able to find the courage to start my lessons because of the panic attacks that I have suffered in the past.
Thanks to you I have overcome my fears, not once have I felt uncomfortable with you teaching me.
I will recommend you to other people.
I have being out and bought a Corsa today and that wouldn't have being possible without you, now I can finally take that step forward in my life that I have longed for, you really are the best.
Linsey Hartly. Test 18/04/2012

Demi Pepper Test 22/03/2012

I found Trev a very patient and calm instructor, who filled me with confidence throughout my lessons.
He's very friendly and easy to get along with :)
I will miss my Trev!
Demi Pepper Test 22/03/2012

Hayley Denton Test 21/02/2012

Trevor is a great instructor and he is very easy to talk to and is a good listener.
I took lessons with him for just over 2 months and I past both my theory test and my practical test first time.
I am definitely going to do the motorway and duel carriageways course with him soon.
I have told lots of friends and family members how good an instructor he is and one of my friends has already started lessons with Trevor!
Thanks again Trevor
Hayley Denton Test 21/02/2012

Beth Sample Test 06/01/2012

Trevor was a brilliant instructor, someone that was very kind and easy to talk to!
After a couple of lessons with him, I could see I was driving of a much better standard than I had ever expected for a beginner.
It took me a while to gain confidence in driving, often apologising to Trevor with every mistake I made, but with his help and his guidance it took very little time for me to get a good level of confidence.
I passed my test in just over two months, first time.
Overall I had 30 hours of driving. I have recommended Trevor to my friends at college :) He was a great instructor and a really nice person!
Beth Sample Test 06/01/2012

Richard Teare Test 21/12/11

I would like to say a BIG Thank you to Trevor for all his help.
I first made contact with Trevor in the middle of November 2011, and by December 2011 he got me through my test (with only 3 minor faults)
He also picked me up from my house and dropped me off at my kids school.
Trevor is a great instructor with a lot of patience and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is thinking of learning to drive. 

Richard Teare Test 21/12/11

Kerry Bullock Test 2/11/11

My driving experience with Trevor was fantastic, not only did he teach me how to drive in his own assured way, but he also helped to build up my self confidence in my self.
I was a very nervous and un-confident driver but Trevor helped me understand and realise my ability to drive, he has such a soft and calm voice and never becomes flustered, and in my opinion is a very good instructor.
I did 20 hours before being put in for my test and passed first time with only 4 minor faults, obviously it was me that passed the test but I don't think I could have done it without Trevor's instruction.
I have recommended Trevor to some of my friends and one of them is already well on his way to passing his test.

Kerry Bullock Test 2/11/11