Driving lessons in Scarborough with Trev's Revs driving school

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You're Driving Instructor : Trevor Gaines

I have been an Instructor in a variety of different subjects throughout my carrier, which include Skiing, Mountain walking, Rock climbing, Sailing, Power boating, and Personal Safety Instruction.

I am currently still involved with the training of potential instructors in both Power Boating and Personal Water Craft, for the Royal Yachting Association, and regularly travel to other countries around Europe to run Instructor courses.

This means that I can draw from a wide range of experiences from teaching students of all ages and abilities, therefore I feel confident that I will be able to teach you to drive safely, confidently, within the law and with due regard for other road users.

I hold a full motor bike licence and a HGV 1 licence this gives me a valuable insight into how other road users may react to situations on the road.

You too can take advantage of my considerable experience and learn to drive and pass your test or just improve your current driving standard.

My aim is to make each lesson as enjoyable & educational as possible, whilst complying with the Driving Standards Agency syllabus and providing value for money.

All lessons are on a 'one to one' basis, there will be no car sharing or pupil doubling up.
If, however, you would like to be accompanied by a Parent or friend at any time during your lesson that's fine - just ask!

As much as driving lessons can be a daunting experience, they are a special one too.

From the moment you first get into the car and discover a newfound confidence, to loving driving and passing your test, you can almost feel the freedom and opportunities ahead of you.
To ensure that all of our learner drivers find the process fun and memorable, I offer a refreshing approach to driving tuition that will make you feel relaxed and eager to get on the road!

Please feel free to contact Trevor today to book an appointment or just find out more; call 07974386042

Each pupil receives a Progress Record and Appointment Card and depending on previous experience all or some of the following driving skills are learned and developed:

Moving Off Safely
Steer Accurate Course
Stop Normally
Gear Changing
Clutch Control (Level & Uphill)
Approaching & Turning Left
Approaching & Emerging Left
Approaching & Turning Right
Approaching & Emerging Right
Crossing Path
Moving Off at an Angle
Hill Starts (Up & Down)
Controlled Stop
Cross Roads
Effective Mirror Use
Give Signals
Reverse in a Straight Line
Reversing Left
Reversing Right
Turn in the Road
Reverse Parking (Kerb & Bay)
Pedestrian Crossings
Complex Junctions
Dual Carriageways
One Way Systems
Driving on Direction
Risk Assessment
Visual Search Skills

Looking for someone to teach you to drive? Driving lessons with the TrevsRevs driving school will soon get you driving!
Call Trevor today 07974 386042